Calculating Points

All ODRC members in all classes (except at Members Only Novice Show & Winter Dressage) are eligible for points towards the year-end championships. The points are awarded as indicated in the table and are calculated for each rider & horse partnership separately, so that riders who enter more than one horse will not have an unfair advantage over those entering only one horse.

Every year trophies are awarded at Presentation Night to the points winners of each of the disciplines / classes carried out at each of our shows. In order to be eligible to win an end-of-year trophy or to be placed for the purposes of end-of-season rosettes, Members must have competed at least TWICE in the relevant class. Where possible, we will award to 6th place, and these will be awarded based on points accrued in accordance with the guidance below.

In addition, points will only be awarded to those members who have made themselves available to help at a show as per the condition of membership. Help days must be completed by the 31st October of the current year.

 The “Overall Points Champion” (winner of the Jean Rowley Memorial Cup) is calculated by taking the top two scores of each rider from each discipline per show, i.e. we will take your top scores from each show. This means that any horse/rider partnership progressing through different levels, moving up or down a level or entering different showing classes in a particular discipline will not be discriminated against for overall points calculation.

Team members also receive rosettes at Presentation Night for having represented the Club.

Position in Class Points Awarded Total Points Gained
First  6 + 2 for entering  8
Second  5 + 2 for entering  7
Third  4 + 2 for entering  6
Fourth  3 + 2 for entering  5
Fifth  2 + 2 for entering  4
Sixth  1 + 2 for entering  3
All other unplaced members  2 for entering  2

In the event of a tie for points at the end of the season, placings for trophies and end-of-season rosettes will be made in the following order:

  • The horse / rider combination with the highest placings over the most number of shows. If this does not create an outright winner then we will use:
  • Number of times class is entered by horse / rider combination (i.e. someone entering the same class at all 3 shows will be placed higher than someone entering the same class at 2 shows)

If neither of the above creates an outright winner a tie will be declared.


Horse/rider A enters a class only once and comes first getting 8 points.

Horse/rider B enters the class twice coming 5th twice getting 8 points.

Horse/rider C enters the class three times and gets placed 6th twice and is unplaced once also getting 8 points.

Horse/rider B would be 1st overall and get the trophy as they have entered and been paced highest the most times.

Horse/rider C would be 2nd as they have been placed twice but entered the class the most times.

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