ODRC Rules 2022

All O&DRC competitions in this schedule are run in accordance with the 2022 rules for Riding Club competitions (see British Riding Clubs website) excepting situations where a further set of rules is stated (e.g. Working Hunter classes) or where a rule is deemed unnecessary by the Committee or Show Organiser.
1. The Committee is not responsible for any accidents to riders, spectators, horses, vehicles or properties of any description, damage or loss sustained by any person whilst on the Showground.
2. O&DRC is a riding club open to all ages and we are aware of our safeguarding responsibilities towards children as junior members and spectators. All are welcome at our open events, but juniors must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times whilst at an ODRC event and participate at their parents’ or carers’ own risk. Class entries must be made by parent/guardian otherwise entry will not be accepted. Children present on the Showground as spectators must be supervised at all times by parents or carers.
3. Competitors and spectators must obey the instructions of the Officials of the Club at all times whilst on the Showground.
4 In all Riding Club activities when mounted riders MUST wear protective headgear which conforms to the current BRC Hat safety standards.  Such headgear must be worn with harness properly adjusted and fastened. We strongly advise that body protectors to current safety standards (BETA level 3 (purple label) 2009 or later) be worn for all jumping activities, and that all competitors walk the course before jumping classes. Safe footwear must be worn at all times when mounted, i.e. a boot with a heel (not trainers).
5. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that all tack is in good condition and correctly adjusted before all riding and in hand activities.
6. The Committee reserves the right to exclude any horse or pony it considers to be a danger to spectators or other competitors. Known kickers should wear a red tail ribbon. Judges have the discretion to eliminate from a class any horse/rider partnership they believe to be unsafe.
7. Galloping on the Showground is forbidden. Any rider contravening this rule will be asked to leave the Showground.
8. Dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times.
9. Stallions or colts are allowed on the Showground, the handler must be 18 or over, be trained in handling stallions or colts and the equine must have a tail ribbon to indicate that it is a stallion.
10. The Judge’s decision on the day is final in all classes. Please remember that judges are guests of the Club and should be treated with courtesy at all times.
11. Classes at any show may be merged or split at the Show Organiser’s discretion.
12. Entry fee refunds will be given in accordance to the event refund policy.
13. Objections must be made in writing to the Show Secretary within 30 minutes of the alleged incident together with a fee of £10.00. If the objection is upheld this fee will be refunded.
14. Any member or competitor who commits any of the following offences may be asked to leave the Showground with loss of entry fee and may be barred from further competitions until he or she has appeared before the Committee:
a) is in any way cruel to a horse/pony e.g. excessive use of the whip
b) wilfully damages any property of the Club or fixtures used by the Club
c) deliberately deceives the Club in any entry for any event
d) brings the good name of the Club into disrepute by any method, including the inappropriate use of social media
15. The Committee reserves the right to exclude from ridden classes any horse or pony under four years old or one in poor physical condition.
16. The onus is on the competitor to be available for classes when called. Failure to do so may result in elimination. It is also the responsibility of the competitor to avoid entering classes that may clash and to inform the Ring Steward if they are going to be late for any class.
17. A competitor may be eliminated who receives “outside assistance” – this will be at the judge’s discretion.
18. Late entries will only be taken at the discretion of the judge.
19. No rider may carry, use or permit to use, a whip or crop exceeding 30″ in length overall, nor one that is weighted at the end, in the Jumping Ring or Collecting Ring. No substitute for a whip may be carried in any competition. In Dressage, whips may be any length.
20. Working Hunter classes are run under the guidance of BSPS/SHB(GB) Rules as closely as possible.
21. Only competitors for the showjumping class in progress will be allowed in the collecting ring and the practice jump must not exceed the height of the fences in the class in progress. This also applies to Working Hunter classes.
22. BRC Membership cards to be shown to qualify for members entry fees.
23. All entrants ride at their own risk and the Club accepts no liability for loss, damage or injury.
24. At any competition no ODRC competitor shall argue, behave with incivility or contempt, or use abusive or threatening language towards a judge, official or other competitor (British Riding Clubs Code of Conduct)
25. A neat and tidy appearance of horse and rider is required at all shows and events.
26. Members are required to clean and tidy the field following events, and all competitors are required to remove droppings from the parking area which have been left by their horse.
27. Members are required to help with Club activities as stated on the membership form.
28. A junior is a competitor who is under 18 on 1 January 2022, i.e. if the competitor reaches the age of 18 during 2022, she/he continues to be classed as a junior until 31 December 2022.
29. Bitless bridles are permitted in all Showing and Working Hunter classes.

30. If you pay via Paypal using a credit card or debit card we will refund your entry fee less 2.5%.
The reason for this is because we have to pay a handling fee to our merchant provider which they retain even if we make a refund.
31. If you unable to make the event you must inform the organiser before 9am the day before the event, however, please be advised that refunds will only be made at the discretion of the event organiser.

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