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By becoming a Friend of Friezland you are helping towards the costs associated with keeping the site open to the public.

Friezland Arena Calendar of Events

Friezland is a wonderful free to use facility for the local community and equestrians.
The arena is a sand and fibre arena (50m x 25m) which is always open to the public, unless it is booked for an event. The site forms a staging post to the Pennine Bridleway National Trail and in addition to the arena, it also includes a grass area used for equestrian events and dog walking, picnic areas, car parking, toilets, storage containers and a stone built mounting block suitable for disabled use.

How does it all work?
Friezland Arena is owned by Oldham Council and the Friezland User Group (FUG) has a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place with the Council, which means that FUG has responsibilities with regards to the upkeep and maintenance of the site, particularly the arena. In practice this means that FUG manages and run the site on behalf of everybody.
Who is FUG?
FUG is an amalgamation of existing groups that include:

  • O&DRC
  • Saddleworth & District Pony Club (SDPC)
  • West Pennine Bridleways Association (WPBA)
  • Greenfield and Grasscroft Residents Association (GGRA)

Each group has two representatives on FUG. Our current O&DRC FUG representatives are Debbie Blackshaw and Carol Bryant.
The FUG representatives group meets once a month to discuss issues related to the site, agree bookings and any events planned at Friezland. They also meet three times a year with the Council. The current Chair of FUG is Samantha Bentley.
Event Booking
FUG maintains a calendar of events being held at Friezland, including those held by O&DRC, Pony Club and West Pennine Bridleways Association. The calendar is available to view on the site notice board, the FUG Facebook page “Friezland User Group (FUG)”, and on the O&DRC Facebook Page.
What is Friends of Friezland?
FUG receives its income from fundraising and donations, by becoming a Friend of Friezland you will be helping towards the maintenance costs of the arena fencing and gates, the grassed areas and car parks. FUG also raise funds through the popular Family Horse Show held in August.
If I am a member of O&DRC, am I automatically a Friend of Friezland?
No, you need to need to become a F of F by either contacting FUG representative or via our website. O&DRC pass on the full payment to FUG.
Do I have to join Friends of Friezland as an O&DRC member?
No, but Friezland is our showground and without funds towards its upkeep and future maintenance, there is no guarantee that the arena will remain available. Being a F of F is one way to raise funds for the upkeep of the site.
Can I use the arena if I am not a Friend of Friezland?
Yes – The arena is a public facility and available to anyone to use except when it is booked out for organized events (these events are displayed on the public notice board at the arena). However, it would be very nice if those who benefit from the facility would make a small contribution to the cost of maintaining it.
What does the riding club pay towards the upkeep of Friezland Arena?
The club has to pay a share of the maintenance costs incurred by FUG, i.e. arena surface leveling, etc. The costs are split (pro rata) between the FUG organizations (excluding GGRA) according to the number of booked uses in the year. The club also paid 50% of the cost for the toilet block which was supported by a grant from the local District Executive.
How does O&DRC raise the money to pay FUG?
O&DRC pays its share of the maintenance costs from surplus money it receives from shows, from hard working club members who organise fundraising events and via donations. Please note O&DRC fundraising does not include any Friends of Friezland dontations taken when you become an O&DRC member, these donations are passed straight to FUG.

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Arena Address: Manchester Road, Greenfield, Oldham OL3 7HJ.

Access: From Mossley A635, Manchester Road, the entrance is on the left, follow the track down to the arena area.

Parking: On show days, please park cars in the car park on the right prior to entering the arena area. Trailers to be parked on the grass area on the left side, horse boxes to be parked on the hard standing, the hard standing is also the overflow area for trailers if required.

How can you help?
There are lots of ways you can support Friezland in addition to becoming a Friend of Friezland. FUG are always looking for ways to raise money towards maintaining Friezland, so please support the many activities that take place at this wonderful free to use facility. We need as many people as possible to make regular visits to the site to carry out site checks and report any issues.
Please help us to look after this site by:

  • Removing all droppings from the arena surface
  • Closing the gate to the arena
  • Picking up litter and taking it away with you or use the bins provided.
  • Removing droppings from other public area such as the car park.
  • Cleaning up after your dog and disposing safely of the mess.
  • Become a Friend of Friezland.

To join and for further information about FUG, please visit Friezland User Group Facebook Page

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