You can view your start time(s) and result(s) via this web page. On the day results will be avaialble after they have been calculauted and uploaded. You may have to refresh the page occassionally to view updates, there will be delays so please be patient.

Test for 01.05.22
Intro A – Prelim 1 – Novice 28 – Elementary 49

Mobile Devices
You can add a quick link to this page by adding the page via the Add To Home Screen on your mobile device. If you have an Apple device use the Safari web browser, (Apple do not allow add to home screen with other web browsers). Android phones not affected. When you add to home screen an ODRC logo icon will appear on your mobile device. The icon will bring you to this page when activated.

Class 1 Beginners Intro (R)

Class 2 Intro Open

Class 4 Senior Prelim Restricted

Class 5 Junior Prelim

Class 7 Senior Prelim Open

Class 10 Novice Combined

Class 12 Elementary

Class 13 Medium

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