Riding Club Camp

Camp involves 3 days of intensive work with your horse. Each day you will do showjumping, flatwork and cross-country supported by excellent quality trainers. On day 4 you go for a leisurely hack round the farm ride for you and your horse to relax!

You will be very well fed, and there may be evening activities to participate in (if you are still awake by then, of course!). It is a wonderful way of building up your partnership with your equine friend as not many of us have the opportunity to ride for three consecutive days with expert tuition. It is a chance to build some human friendships as well, and to get to know other O&DRC members a little better.

Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis, and it is only open to Members who are 18 years and over. Do come and join us for a wonderful time!
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